This service allows you to set up your compatible Telstra mobile phone for BigPond Mobile Services, Picture and Video Messaging (MMS), e-mail on your phone and much, much more.

To set up your mobile phone quickly and easily, click Set up.  

Want daily secure backup for your mobile contacts? Get MySync on your compatible Telstra mobile phone. Find out more.

Telstra provides a configuration service for a range of mobile handsets. If your handset has not been purchased through a Telstra Shop or Telstra Dealer your handset may not be compatible with the Telstra mobile network and our range of mobile products.

Please check Our Customer Terms for the terms, conditions and charges that apply to these services.

If you access e-mail on your mobile, you will be charged for data usage. Please see Our Customer Terms [Telstra Mobiles Part G Data Services - BigPond Mobile Services] for applicable data charges.